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If you have a furry friend, these Costco items could belong in your shopping cart.

Most important points

  • Costco has a lot of great products for every member of the family, including your pets.
  • Pet owners should check out some of these great Costco deals, including Pendleton blankets, a pet couch, and more.

Costco has a lot of wonderful products that you’ll want to break out of credit cards in front of. From baked goods to rotisserie chickens and furthermore, there is probably something at Costco that almost every member of the family will enjoy.

And the same goes for your pets. Owners of both dogs and cats are even raving about some Costco items that your furry family members will love. Here are some of the best Costco picks for your pet companions during the holiday season and beyond.

1. Pendleton Blankets

Costco’s Pendleton Sherpa fleece blankets come in a variety of colors and cost between $26.99 and $32.99. These machine-washable blankets are described by Costco as “ultra-soft and cozy,” so it’s no wonder pets love them.

These blankets are such a fan favorite that there are countless Reddit threads showing dogs — and even a few cats — wrapped up tight and looking as comfortable as possible. If you’re hoping to keep your pet companions warm and comfortable on those long winter nights, it might be worth picking one up.

2. Maine Coon Cat House

Costco offers a variety of cat houses, including a Maine Coon Cat House designed for multi-cat and extra-large cat households.

The Maine Coon costs $199.00 and has a cute little hiding place for cats and kittens, as well as numerous “branches” for jumping and climbing. It’s made of solid wood, sisal rope, and household-grade carpet, so it’s great for scratching, too. With over 750 reviews and a 4.6 star rating, this feline favorite is worth a look.

3. The La-Z-Boy Newton Pet Couch

Many pet beds aren’t particularly attractive, but the La-Z-Boy Newton is an exception.

Perfect for dogs up to 75 pounds, the sofa has plenty of room to stretch out or cozy up in one of the raised corners with bolsters on three sides. Although the pet bed costs $219, it goes on sale regularly (it’s $50 off starting in early December).

The cushion can be removed for washing, keeping the bed looking great, and over 600 user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so consider splurging on a bed that your pet will love and won’t spoil your decor. mess up.

4. Kirkland signature dog biscuits

Kirkland Signature dog treats come with no artificial flavors or colors, and you can pick up a 15-pound box of their Chicken Meal & Rice formula for just $18.99 minus periodic discounts (there’s $4 off starting in early December).

The treats are structured to promote good dental health and they are even fortified with vitamins and minerals so you can give your dog a delicious treat while feeling good about your choice.

These are four of the best Costco products that pet owners love, and they’re all at a great price while giving you the chance to make your furry friend’s life a little happier. They’re worth checking out the next time you visit your local Costco store.

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