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Last updated: December 30, 2022, 12:07 AM IST

Buffalo couple rescue 64-year-old ‘mentally disabled’ stranger who cried for help in freezing New York cold (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @KimberlyLaRussa)

A Twitter thread explained how beautifully a couple cared for a 64-year-old man who was “mentally disabled.” The Buffalo couple’s heartfelt story had users applauding “angels.”

Angels exist! A couple in Buffalo made people realize that selflessness and caring make a ‘complete’ person. A Twitter thread explained how beautifully a couple cared for a 64-year-old man who was “mentally disabled”. The old man, identified as Joey White, was found “crying and asking for help” by Sha’Kyra Aughtry in New York’s Buffalo recently experienced a “blizzard of the century.”

It was then that her boyfriend, Trent, went outside to find Joey frozen due to the extremely cold weather in the city. Mother of three, Aughtry, used a hair dryer to melt the ice from his red, cuts and hands and clean him to prevent further deterioration of his health. Aughtry even tried calling emergency services for help and decided to take matters into his own hands with no background from them. To add to his suffering, Joey experienced frostbite on his hands that “turned gangrene”. Aughtry then took to Facebook and posted a plea asking for emergency help.

Some kind strangers came to his aid and wrapped him in a blanket to take Joey to the hospital for medical attention. But Aughtry didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable around strangers, so she took Joey’s ride to the hospital and said, “No one’s going to hurt you, honey.” degree frostbite.

Meanwhile, Joey’s sister said that if Aughtry hadn’t happened, her brother probably would have died. She thanked Aughtry and Trent for saving her brother’s life in an “act of pure love”.

One user, Kimberly LaRussa, shared the whole story via a Twitter thread. Users started applauding the pair by calling them “angels”. “My faith in humanity is not lost, but it is reassured with this act of kindness,” one user wrote on the microblogging site. “We need Sha’Kyra’s information so we can bless her back! praised another user while the third commented, “Sha’Kyra has more goodness in her little finger than most people have in their whole body.”

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