Internet divided over story of McDonald’s employee being rehired after three layoffs – The Independent

Internet divided over story of McDonald's employee being rehired after three layoffs - The Independent

The internet is divided over a TikTok user’s story of how his friend, who is a McDonald’s employee, returned to her job after quitting multiple times.

In a recent video posted on TikTok, @twinuzienjoyer pointed the camera at his colleague as she walked into his car. He then held out a flyer from the fast food chain in her hand that read, “Welcome to McDonald’s. Great people in a great team!”

The camera then focused on the McDonalds employee, who had turned her face away as she sat in the passenger seat.

The TikTok user also claimed that this wasn’t the woman’s first time working at McDonald’s, as the video reads over the text, “Being accepted for the same job she quit for the third time.”

He poked fun at his friend’s work experience at McDonald’s by using a viral TikTok sound in the video. In the six-second clip, the sound playing in the background was a man saying, “It’s official. I now have a permit!”

He continued the bit in the caption, writing, “She’s licensed now.”

As of December 30, the video had been viewed more than 456,500 times and sparked mixed reactions in the comments. More specifically, some people made fun of the McDonald’s employee and the fast food chain itself.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” one wrote, while another said, “McDonald’s hires anyone, even if they quit or get fired.”

A third person claimed: “[I don’t care] no matter how you leave McDonald’s they will always hire you back.

Many people also shared how they felt about this story, as they said they returned to their customer service jobs after being laid off.

“I’ve worked at McDonald’s three times in the space of two years,” one person wrote. “But those McDonald’s pay differently.”

“I quit McDonald’s, went to Starbucks, quit that and went back to McDonald’s,” wrote another.

A third person said, “I quit McDonald’s, went to another McDonald’s and quit that one, then went back to the first McDonald’s and quit that one, then went back to the second.”

Some people also praised McDonald’s employees for working there in the first place, one of whom wrote, “Caps to you because once I quit, I’m READY.”

“I pray that the frappe machine always works and the ice cream maker,” added another.

According to McDonald’s official website, former employees may be eligible to be rehired based on the location of the store where they wish to work. Hiring policies vary for the two types of McDonald’s restaurants: company-owned and independently owned.

The independent has reached out to @twinuzienjoyer and a McDonald’s representative for comment.

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