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A fairly petite Twitch streamer named Nathaniel “NateBosa” rose to fame overnight after one of his Twitch clips went viral on TikTok. For those who don’t know, in the clip, Nate was seen interacting with his mother as he showed her that he had nine simultaneous viewers, making for a healthy clip.

The clip quickly found its way to TikTok and then to Twitter, shared by notable accounts including Jake Lucky and Dexerto.

After the clip gained traction on the social media platforms, it prompted the streaming community to show further support for NateBosa, who went from nine viewers to a staggering 1.1,000 viewers at one point. Responding to the tremendous growth, Jack Lucky recognized:

“Power of the Internet.”

1 Viral Tik Tok, 1 Supportive Mom, Gained 5x Followers9 Viewers -> 1,000+ Power of the Internet https://t.co/srKnsLoUBS

From less than 1,000 followers to nearly 20,000, NateBosa’s incredible journey showcases the power of social media

Social media has historically had an influential effect on many streamers, who have gone from relatively unknown individuals to household names. While Nathaniel isn’t here yet, he’s seen his Twitch account grow from a meager few hundred followers to 18.8K, at the time of writing.

His streams, which barely get more than 20 live viewers, peaked at 1.3K. The sensational expansion of his channel is definitely an emblem of the remarkable impact that social media has.

After watching his grades skyrocket, the streamer called his mom and jubilantly declared:

“Okay, this guy posted me on Twitter, right? Dexerto. Yours and mine talking, the video. I’m now 900 viewers on Twitch… this is crazy! Holy! Everyone spams ‘W.’ “

He also expressed his gratitude on Twitter, stating:

“Thanks for all the support! I love you”

Thanks for all the support! I love you ❤️

In response to the sane moment, the streaming community also shared their thoughts. Here are some relevant responses:

Fans commented on the streamer’s down-to-earth and wholesome personality. One user stated:

@JakeSucky @natebosa Kids are really cool and down to earth, very fun to watch, very interactive with the chat

@JakeSucky @natebosa Healthy accounts and authentic vibes are the only ones I follow on Twitch.

@JakeSucky @natebosa the man is also a natural streamer. He handles heaps of viewers, subs, and gifts while still being entertaining. It’s what Twitch is all about. W.

Recognizing that making a breakthrough on Twitch can be a challenging task, another user commented:

@JakeSucky @natebosa I have to thank streamers who stream to hardly anyone or have no followers. It’s so hard to break into, I wanted to start streaming, but it’s hard to get followers, and yet many people stream to no one every day.

One user also suggested that Nathaniel give his Twitter a new look and update his newly acquired fans on upcoming streams and schedules:

@natebosa @JakeSucky This is your moment, bro, 31,000 people saw this. Let’s upgrade this twitter a bit, new profile pic, a cover photo, put up your activity, advertise when you stream here and keep it trending bro you got this

His reaction to reaching 1K live viewership was clipped and shared to the popular live streaming subreddit r/LivestreamFail. Here are some of the notable responses:

Although primarily a Minecraft streamer, NateBosa also streamed other games such as Among Us, Apex Legends, and Fall Guys in addition to streaming in the ‘Just Chatting’ category.

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