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A recent photo of Gabriel Paul Hall (Image via Law&Crime)

Footage of comedian Jeff Ross’ 2015 Texas prisoner roast has been used to sentence Gabriel Paul Hall to death. However, the convict’s lawyers claim that it was misused as evidence during his trial against him.

While filming Comedy Central’s Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at the Brazos County Jail, the 57-year-old personality interviewed convicted murderer Gabriel Hall, along with several other inmates.

A Texas prison volunteered to let Comedy Central comedian Jeff Ross roast his inmates. It encouraged inmates to participate. Texas then used the footage to sentence my client, Gabriel Hall, to death. We ask #SCOTUS to review the constitutionality of Mr Hall’s verdict. https://t.co/JFNFskKHDw

Hall was arrested in 2015 for the murder from retired college professor Edwin Shaar, Jr., and for brutally stabbing his disabled wife, Linda, (who survived) in 2011. Gabriel was then an 18-year-old student at A&M Consolidated High School. He confessed to the crime and was sentenced to death by a Texas court.

Gabriel Hall’s lawyers petition the Supreme Court arguing that before sentencing him to death, jurors were shown the clip of Jeff Ross’s 2015 roast, which violated Gabriel Hall’s Sixth Amendment right to an impartial jury .

Gabriel Paul Hall has been on Texas death row since 2015

Born on February 18, 1993, Gabriel Paul Hall was born in Cebu City, Philippines, and lived in Cebu daycare until he was six. He was adopted at the age of 11 by Wes Hall and Karen Kruse Hall. Before that, his original family name was Espinosa-Cañada.

Wes happens to be a justice of the peace in Brazos County and a former attorney, while Karen was head of the Orphan Mission in Central Texas. They also adopted Gabriel’s biological sister, Eralyn. According to Everybody Wiki, Gabriel’s biological father, who lives in the Philippines, is also a convicted murderer.

    A recent photo of Gabriel Paul Hall (Image via Law&Crime)
A recent photo of Gabriel Paul Hall (Image via Law&Crime)

As previously mentioned, Hall was convicted of the murder of Edwin Shaar, Jr. in 2015. in 2011 and the attempted murder of his wife. Following this, a grand jury indicted him in December 2011 for capital murder.

Hall was assisted by the Filipino American Legal Defense and Education Fund (FALDEF) in his legal proceedings of the murder trial, which was scheduled for October 2013. Despite multiple attempts by his lawyers, he was found guilty and sentenced to death. As of 2015, Hall has been sentenced to death in the Allan B. Polunsky Unit in Texas.

Twitter shows mixed reactions to Jeff Ross’s video used against Gabriel Hall

On Dec. 28, Hall’s attorney, McKenzie Edwards, took over her Twitter account to file a petition filed with the Supreme Court to review the convict’s “constitutionality”.

Several Twitter users reacted to the situation, some siding with Hall, while others blamed Jeff for interacting with the convict and making him face the death penalty.

@mckeds I am against the death penalty and I believe that very often the state violates the rights of the accused/convicted, but I also have no pity for your client in this context. You’re not claiming he was cheated or coerced. Rather, it looks like he was having a good time.

@mckeds Ross was sent by the state government of Texas, therefore he was an agent of the state government, therefore this should be a violation of the 6th amendment. He wasn’t a random citizen casually having a conversation with the guy in a bar. They violated his restraining order.

@mckeds This is a fair question, because I honestly don’t know… So Ross was joking with your client. Your client said too much and was sentenced to death. Ross is a comedian and not an arm of the state. how is this different from, say, your client confessing to another prisoner who then denounces?

@mckeds So it’s Jeff Ross’s fault that Hall killed one person and tried to kill another? Sounds like Hall himself was sentenced to death

@mckeds Good lord, everyone. It’s not about whether you think he’s innocent, sympathetic, or deserving of mercy. It’s about the state circumventing the law to violate someone’s rights. If they can violate his, they can violate yours. Do you believe in the rule of law or not?

@mckeds Clearly, the Ross footage was inadmissible, devastating as it was. Your client deserves another hearing. If Texas was smart (big reach) they would convert the existing sentence and question the question, but we all know that won’t happen.

@mckeds Great, don’t use the footage. Have a retake. If he’s guilty of slitting a disabled woman’s throat based on the evidence, I hope they serve justice.

@mckeds It appears that your client voluntarily spoke to the comedian without the presence of the council. I wouldn’t think that the right to a lawyer means that a lawyer is mandatory.

@mckeds Hiring an insult comic to do a schtick to trick an inmate is both cruel and unusual.

Jeff Ross’s interaction with Gabriel Hall has been used against the latter

In 2015, Jeff Ross visited the Brazos County Jail in Texas to film some footage for a Comedy Central special. The shooting lasted three days, where Ross interacted with people behind bars. The comedian explained that he was visiting the jail because he believed in giving people second chances and seeing if the prisoners were joking about their conditions.

One of the inmates Jeff Ross interviewed was Gabriel Hall, who was awaiting trial for a murder committed in 2011 at the time. The interaction between the two did not make it to the finals. However, prosecutors subpoenaed Comedy Central and obtained footage of the interaction between the two, showing it to the jury at the time of Hall’s trial.

According to the court documents, the clip showed Ross and Hall talking, with the latter making a racist joke and asking:

“What do you stand for? Hack someone’s computer?”

Hall said, “Something like that,” before another inmate pointed out, “hacking is the operative word.” Gabriel then jokingly replied that he brought a machete to someone’s screen.

When Jeff Ross called it “scary,” Hall replied that he “wouldn’t hurt a fly.” When the comedian asked, “What about a human?” Hal said:

“Ah, they’re annoying.”

The prosecutors in the case used the video to claim that Hall had no regrets for his actions, even after committing them for four years.

In 2019, Hall’s lawyers argued that the footage had been used improperly and that the violated the convict’s Sixth Amendment law, as he was not allowed to speak to anyone without his lawyers being present. They also stated that the interaction between Ross and Hall resulted in a misinterpreted portrayal of the latter as he was joking with the former. However, the appeal was rejected.

The Supreme Court has scheduled the criminal appeal against Gabriel Hall at a conference on January 6, 2023.

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